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Amir Rashidi


Digital Integrity Fellow


Amir Rashidi is an internet security and digital rights researcher. He has over 10 years of experience in digital security and rights in Iran. Rashidi is an expert on Iranian Internet censorship, cyber-attacks, and security trends. He has conducted tens of digital security audits, trainings, and rapid response actions for Iranian human rights defenders and organizations. He is in a unique position to assess the security risks and needs of Iranian organizations, especially those who are in contact with at-risk people, such as activists and journalists. Rashidi worked as the internet security and digital rights researcher at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, where he conducts in-depth research, data collection and analysis on internet security and access in Iran, internet policy and infrastructure, and the tools and methods of state-sponsored censorship and hacking.

Funding to date

2020 $65,000 12 months
Digital Integrity Fellowship

Total Funding: $65,000


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